Cougar Attack X3 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

The Keyboard


Starting the keyboard off with a side view.  The keyboard is plastic with a brushed aluminum frame.  The black you see on the keyboard is the plastic, then you can see the brushed aluminum bolted onto the plastic.  I love the cold feeling of the aluminum.

A closer look so that you can see the little lines of the brushed aluminum and the plastic boarder but we also see here the Cherry MX switches.

Flipping it over for now, we find the back of the keyboard.

The center houses a Cougar Attack X3 RGB Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard sticker.

This also shows all of the certificates, ratings and serial number.

Along the top corner of the keyboard, you have the antislip rubber feet.

The front also has rubber feet, just not ones that can fold out.

I am not sure if this is just the molding, but it looks like the bottom can also hold foldable feet, though of course it does not included.

See what I mean, it looks like you can slip them in there, but there’s no reason for them here.

A look at the bottom of the keyboard at an angle with the feet out.  I like it more when keyboards stand higher, but it still feels natural.

Coming back up towards the top of the keyboard, we find at the top, where the thick cable plugs into.  This might be a little surprising on how this cable works.

Following up the 8m (5.9Feet) Braided USB Cable we find the cable splits into two pieces.

The end with the keyboard logo allows the lights to turn on and allows you to use the keyboard, like any other keyboard’s USB connection would.

The other connector shows a double-sided arrow, this provides additional power to the keyboard for the lighting effects.  I have tried the lighting effects with and without these cables without any issues, but in speaking with Cougar they do recommend it for times that the single cable does not provide enough power.  You might have missed it but notice that the USB Connections are gold plated as well.

Coming back to the other end of the cable we find the top of the keyboard with the Cougar silk screening.

We can see some of the keys here, but let’s look for the odd ones, by the way, this keyboard has 104 keys.

On the left-hand side on the function keys, we find M1, M2, M3 and Brightness.  M1~M3 allow you to switch between your macro keys.  F4, allows you to cycle through the 4 modes of

A little more to the right, we find the F5~F8.  F5 is to mute the volume, F6 is the lower the volume, F7 is to raise the volume and F8 is to open up a media player.  By default, this opens Windows Media Player… but you can change this default of course.  I prefer Media Player Classic (MPC-HC)… what do you use?

F9~F12 double as multi-media keys.  F9 is Play/Pause, F10 is stop, F11 is to rewind and F12 is to Fast Forward or Skip.

A little sneak peek here, but Page Up is the raise the brightness and Page Down is to lower the brightness or completely turn the lights off.  Scroll lock doubles as the 6Key roller over and Pause Break doubles as the N-Key rollover.

This is not a different key but the asterisk looks a little like the Plymouth logo.

Running to the bottom left hand corner of the keyboard, we find the Function Key.  This key when pressed and held activates all of the F keys alternative functions as well as the brightness levels of the Page Up/Down keys.

On the right side of the keyboard, we find the Windows Lock button, when used with the Function Key locks the Windows key from activating the Start menu.  Next to that we find the properties key.  This key provides the same functions as the right mouse button.

Remember the lighting tease I showed you earlier, let’s see how that works out.

Iggy Castillo
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Iggy Castillo
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