Cougar Attack X3 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Typing and Noise


This keyboard comes with Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Black switches.  Let me break down these switches a bit.

Cherry MX Black:  One of the oldest switches.  These are the stiffest of the bunch.  These switches help prevent accidental pressing because of the weight and stronger spring.  The stronger spring means that it rebounds quickly with enough force though due to them being more stiff can cause your fingers to tire more quickly.  These provide a high tactile feedback, so they are very clicky and loud.







Cherry MX Red: More commonly marketed as gaming switches are very light weight allowing for more rapid movements.  These keys are not very tactile so there is are clickies here, you almost don’t hear there.  What you here when you press these keys is the base of the key slamming against the aluminum faceplate.







Cherry MX Blue:  The original switch and most common clicky switch.  Coming from a typewriter myself, the Cherry MX Blue switch provides a very familiar sound and feedback and is chosen more commonly by typist.  The Blue switch has a very tactile bump and audible click and are noticeably louder than other mechanical switches.  Even though these are one of the loudest, they making multiple pressing of the keys a little more difficult gaming since the being that they are weighted slightly higher than Brown or Red switches but falling slightly under the Black Switch.







Cherry MX Brown:  The most common switch.  This switch is not a clicky switch at all and was made to provide the smoothest resistance.  These are more commonly used in office scenario’s but are also very popular for gaming.  While I love the clickies of a loud switch, these are made with everyone else in mind since they are so quiet.








The Cougar Attack X3 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes in all 4 flavors, so if you like the way this one looks but need a little more in than a red switch, you can dabble a bit.  Just in case you don’t know what a Red switch sounds like, check this out.

See what I mean, this is from a foot away and they are super quiet.  Mind you, I slam keys and if you are a little more delicate you experience will be much quieter.

I learned to type on a typewriter, not an electric one, one of the good old fashioned ones where the head would slam the sheet of paper and the only thing stopping that quick rod from actually hitting was the paper was the ribbon where the ink was kept on.  You had to push hard on these keys to make that level hit the paper to make that ink transfer to the paper.  As I kept taking typing classes, they evolved from the type writer to the computer and the need to slam the keys was reduced, if not removed but I didn’t want to stray and so I slam today.  That being said, I like the red, but I prefer something like the Cherry MX Black.

With that blast from the past, check out how quickly I can type with this keyboard.  For my tests, I used

While not amazingly fast for some of you, this was one was actually a pretty quick round.  I was surprised at how well the keys actually bounced back.  I would type so much fast if I still used my ring fingers and pinky fingers for typing but it seems that my hands don’t want to use them, haha.

Alright, it looks like we are done here, so let’s check out my Final Thoughts and Conclusion.

Iggy Castillo
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Iggy Castillo
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