CR Post2PingFM: Mass Update Your Social Networks with each Post

I decided to switch from HelloTxt to Ping.FM as the mass social network to auto update when my blogs post.  I made this decision after numerous people on random occasions said my Hellotxt short URL’s didn’t work when they clicked on them from Facebook or Twitter and could not arrive at my posts.  I don’t have time to worry about whether a link my tweet or status update will work, so I am switching to Ping.FM which is more stable and widely used.

The plug-in I found and works best for me is the CR Post2PingFM which you quickly and easily install as a WordPress plug-in, once you install and activate the plug-in just go to the plugin options page and set the handful of options including your Ping.FM application key.  You can get your activation key by logging into and going to and just copy/paste this code into the first field on the CR Post2PingFM options.

You can also write up to 10 custom messages that spread your message alerting your followers that a new post is published, you can use the {title} and {url} as short tags for your post title and URL, it is a good idea to also list the name of the blog that the article is published on.

You can update your social networks on every single post, or just a certain category or range of categories

You can also update your social network only the first time you publish, or each time you make an update and republish your post.

Save your settings and you quickly and easily an now update your blog posts on over 30 social networks you belong to via your Ping.FM account.

Ping.FM also uses 301 redirects in its URL shortener, so the visits will count on your site.

-Dragon Blogger

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