Create Alexa Toolbar For Your Blog or Website

Promotion of blogs and websites is the most important step in getting visitors, who interact with the blog/website and encourage you to create more valuable content. More visitors also mean more dollars, in case you decide to monetize the blog/website.

Usually we promote blogs using guest posts and commenting on other blogs, which are slow but steady ways to drive visitors from other blogs. Another way to bring visitors back and convert them into regular readers of your blog is to create a customized toolbar for your blog using custom toolbar creation services like’s.

Here’s how you can create a custom Alexa toolbar for your blog/website:

  • Go to :
  • Enter the toolbar’s name.
  • Add buttons for links to RSS feeds, blog and website URLs etc as single buttons or drop down menus.
  • Add search boxes to the toolbar for greater usefulness.
  • You may also add buttons to the facebook, twitter and other profile pages you might have created for your blogs and websites.
  • Finally you can customize the installation page of your Alexa Toolbar with logo and toolbar description.

There are several advantages of creating an Alexa Toolbar for your website.

  • It improves the visitor traffic by reminding the people to check out your blog/website.
  • It improves the Alexa Rank of your blog/website.
  • You can make additional money by using a Custom Google Adsense Search Engine in the Alexa Site Toolbar.

The essential properties of a site toolbar are links to main blog and website URLs, feeds and profile links and a search box.

You may also add links to other important yet related sites and popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google to increase the usefulness of your blog/site’s Alexa Toolbar.

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