How to Create Desktop Shortcuts of a Website with Google Chrome

appMany people have some favorite webpage that they visit as soon as they open the browser like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, DragonBlogger ;-) , or any webpage for that matter. Many times, we only open up the browser for that specific website and closes it. I too sometimes just want to open certain website and to do so, I have to open up the browser, find and click on it’s bookmark and all of this is relatively more time consuming than clicking a shortcut on my desktop.

Thankfully, Chrome allows you to place application shortcuts for any website you want on your desktop, start menu, or taskbar allowing you a one-click access to your beloved website. To do so, follow the simple steps below.

Browse to your desired web page you want extra-fast access to and click on the ‘hotdog’ icon. Now goto More tools and then click on Create application


Now, tick the desired options if you want the shortcut on your desktop only or elsewhere too.create shortcut

Now click on Create and you should have your shortcut on your desktopshortcutNote that now when you open this shortcut, you won’t see the toolbar, addressbar, bookmarks, or anything else. You’ll just have your website in a window without anything fancy with it. However, if you want to open it in a normal window with bookmakrs, toolbar, and all that, just right click on the shortcut, click on properties and in the Target feild, find and delete “–app=” and  hit Apply.propertiesNow when you will click on the shortcut, it will open up in a normal chrome window.


  • You can create shortcut for Chrome’s settings page (about:settings) to directly change your Chrome settings.
  • You can create a shortcut for extensions page (about:plugins) to manage your extensions without any hassle.
  • You may also create a shortcut for download page (chrome://downloads/) if you want.
  • You may also create shortcuts for your favorite webapps (online or offline) for easy access to them.

That’s it! Now you can access your favorite website you want faster then every with just a click! Hope you find this little trick helpful. :)

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