Should You Create Your Google Plus Page Now?

As advertisers and brands flock to create Google Plus presence you may be considering if you should jump on this or not?  I would say this is something you should do sooner than later, one thing I liked right off the bat with Google plus is being able to sort your fans/followers into Circles.  Facebook has no equivalent for you to sort your fans of your Facebook fanpage.

The default circles let you define who are team members (which I really like) as well as customers vs. followers.  This does allow you to separate out clients as well as followers and you can quickly integrate a Google Hangout session from your Google Plus business page.

In fact, you can do virtually anything from your Google Plus page that you could from your personal page, this makes it much more interactive and versatile compared to the Facebook fanpages though also makes it a little confusing at first when switching back and forth between the profile and the page.


Google plus definitely has ugly URL’s to direct people to your fanpage, much like your own profile page and I wish you could create custom URI’s for your fanpage to make them less confusing and more cosmetically appealing.  This is where Facebook has an edge.  For big companies I don’t have to search for them I can pretty much guess what their URI will be and connect with them, you don’t have this option for Google plus business pages.

Overall though this allows a potential to interact with sub groups of business customers or followers without engaging your entire fan base and the level of circles I think is ideally targeted for smaller businesses.  I can see a giant organization not having the man power to sort actual customers from followers or even adding thousands of team members into separate circle but this is a great organization strategy for smaller businesses where it isn’t tens of thousands to sort.

I would like to be able to link and auto post a YouTube account to Fanpage but this doesn’t appear to be possible yet, so that when I upload YouTube video’s to my DragonBlogger account it should auto post them to my Google Plus profile.

I also think business should have the ability to have their blog feed update their business profile posts, maybe not personal profiles but may be a good option for businesses and I don’t see a way to do this yet.

Meanwhile, join the Dragon Blogger Fanpage on Google Plus and let us know what you think of it.

-Dragon Blogger

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