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If you are like me and you usually have Google set as your home page so you can do instant searches the moment that you open up your browser window, whether it be Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer you might want to consider using Shiny Search.

I have visited this website where you are presented with a simple customization choice, choose your background and then enter your name or handle you want to be displayed:


I chose black skulls as my background and my online ID (Dragon Blogger) and I was presented with a customized and visually appealing Google Search page. You type in a search and it will query Google and show you all Google Search results.

Here is what Black Skulls background looks like with the search engine box:

But more than just simply searching, if you notice the top left of the page you will see an array of drop down lists. You can easily have access to 1 click email, social networks, news sites and miscellaneous resources like Craigslist,, Wikipedia…etc.

See the drop down list:
There are dozens of different backgrounds separated out for “Boys and Girls” and if you are the type of person who just uses a plain Google search page as your home page, you mine as well customize it a bit so its more visually appealing and you have 1 click access to some other useful sites right from your homepage.

  • Update: Removing Shiny Search

As I mentioned in the comments, if you choose to stop using Shiny Search or you want to “reset” the customization so you can start from scratch again, all you need to do is clear your browser cookies and reset your browser home page to the web site of your choosing. This will prevent Shiny Search from being the home page, and clear the Shiny Search cookie

Shiny Search does not install as an add-on or plug-in, just a cookie and sets as homepage.

-Dragon Blogger


Justin Germino
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Justin Germino

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