CyberSmart Web Marketing: Comment Cash Prize Contest

I was intrigued by this contest that CyberSmart Web Marketing decided to run for January 2010, where the site will be giving away $20 cash to the top commenter for the month of January.  I decided to pay close attention to this contest to see what kind of comment draw it brings and determine if I would run such a contest for in the future.  I think it can spur comments and some traffic, but I think it would only draw it from the handful of people who will gun for winning the prize.

This is only my prediction, but I predict there will probably 3-4 people who will have a very high number of comments, probably comment on every post possible just to win, but overall this will only yield a high number of comments from the same handful of people.  I am not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing just a prediction.  Meanwhile, I know it wouldn’t be too hard to get in the top ranking by visiting the sitemap.xml of the site and visiting a bunch of articles per day (4 or 5) and get in the top ranking.

CyberSmart Web Marketing does promote some really good content however, and you can find youtube video demonstrations on how to help optimize your blog for SEO, install Analytics or listen to the podcasts about internet marketing.  Much of the information I have listened to or watched I had already learned over the past year from my own trial and errors, but if you are a new blogger or someone who needs help with SEO and blog marketing, this is a blog to pay attention to and visit often.

-Dragon Blogger

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