Dealing with Denial of Service Attack on HostMonster

As it turns out, just two days after moving to my new hosting provider the host comes under a DoS attack which causes a 3 day outage on and off for my three blogs and the thousand or so other sites hosted on the same hostmonster server(s). I honestly felt frustrated that these issues took so long to resolve and my blog continues to take outages, HostMonster should have a spare amount of servers that they can move sites around more easily in case such an issue occurs.

This multi-day outage has cost me money as a blogger and time, it costs me viewership by visits and people who find my site via search are not likely to come back if they reach a dead site or can’t be displayed page. This also costs me realrank as it cannot track my visits because they can’t actually arrive on the site, and this costs me the ability to qualify for higher quality opps if any while I am undergoing this outage.

All in all this outage cost me almost the entire year’s worth of “hosting fee’s” for HostMonster and I intend to call support and request a credit to my account for the outage, as why am I paying for my site to be unavailable.

HostMonster did have outstanding support, but my confidence in the hosting provider is shaken in how long it is taking to mitigate and recover from this DoS attack.

-Dragon Blogger

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