Decrypt Your WordPress Footer PHP File

Like many bloggers I use free themes where I can find them and in almost all cases when you download a free theme the original theme creator encrypts and encodes the footer.php so as to prevent the user from changing and removing the credit for the theme. But some themes have customizations in the footer.php that you can only modify by accessing and manipulating this file.

It is for this reason why I searched and found a way to decode my blog footer.php file, I didn’t do it to change or remove the credit of the person who created the theme, but instead so I can modify some stuff that should have been in the sidebar.php but for some reason was in the footer.php instead.

If you have some sidebar items or can’t access some sections of your blog theme to edit you may want to look through your footer.php to see if the content you need is there.

This PHP Decrypter tool will decode your footer.php so you can re-save the file in clear text and modify it as you need to.

You cut/paste your footer.php content but remove the at the end.

Then click the decode button and you should have your clear text file.

You can then cut/paste this information into a new footer.php and configure it how you need to.

Note: Some footer.php files are double encoded and cannot be decoded by this method, it is also a violation of some copyrights to decode and modify some footer.php files. You will have to check the license associated with your theme, in all cases if you do decode the footer.php leave the original author intact and only make cosmetic changes for your blog, don’t try to alter the theme or take credit for a theme you didn’t create.

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