How to Develop an Artificial Intelligence Software Program for your Specific Business

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is an opportunity for businesses to leverage information from consumer groups to improve products, the brand in general and service. Creating company-specific intelligence programs helps return specific, brand-centric information regarding consumer perception, consumer satisfaction, product satisfaction/popularity and other essential pieces of data.

It is important to create a systematic process, while testing each step of the process, to ensure that the proper data is collected.


Whom is the Product/Service For?

Your brand likely has a multi-level audience, meaning that members from several demographic groups do business with your brand. You have to create experiences for each demographic group and test each phase using interactive artificial intelligence to create a consumer-centric experience. Create multiple scenarios for interactive questionnaires and demonstrations with varying paths based upon the answers given. This creates a customer-centric experience.

Once you determine the groups of people the product/service is for and the potential outcomes based upon answers, you can begin building your company’s specific artificial intelligence program.

Create Intelligence Groups

At least three different AI groups need to be created. The first should be weak artificial intelligence, which would specialize in only one area. Several weak AIs can be created for increased concentrated focus on a specific element of the business.

The second group should be generalized AI, meaning that multiple demographic groups would interact with this program and it should be able to keep up with a human mind in terms of task completion and responsiveness.


The third group is supernatural AI, meaning that a machine program can be predictive and smarter than a human brain. This group should out-perform humans, provide predictive results based upon previous answers and provide predictive options for users.

Multiple Levels of Automation

Determine whether lean or heavy automation practices are right for each aspect of your AI process. Lean automation is simple technology that focuses on one or two areas only. Heavy automation makes an experience completely automated and interactive. Essentially, the program is acting like there is a human on the other end directly interacting with appropriate follow-up materials.


Integrate Platform Specifics

A platform strategy is necessary. To develop your business’ strategy, use big data to fuel your approach. Look at what your competitors are doing and how satisfied their customers are to build your platform. Make your software or interactive technology better than the competition by providing features that the competition does not, such as speech to text searching an option for mobile users. It is estimated that 50-percent of developers will include AI features by 2018 as a major component of platform building strategies.

Write the Code Language

Once your platform strategy is in place and demographic data is analyzed, developers can begin writing the code language. The code language and details of the program’s experiment (what the purpose of the software program is), must be in compliance with governmental process of experimental software guidelines. What this means is that the data collected must be within specific parameters and require proof that the specific piece of data is vital for company-specific research.


Create Centric Algorithms

Your software developers need to create a company-centric algorithm that is unique to your company. Every company requires at least one main algorithm for data retrieval to configure programs to collect specific information, react to specific answers/reactions and automate necessary processes.

Run Automated Internal Analysis Testing

Internal testing needs to be completed before your software program is released to complete tasks. During the testing process, automate as many tasks as possible to ensure that the AI software written can handle sorting multiple sources of data simultaneously. The human data analysis team can compile results more accurately and faster when multiple tasks are automated and are directed to return specific pieces of data collectively.


Beta Test with Small Focus Groups

Run several batteries of beta tests with small focus groups. These focus groups should be divided into multiple demographic groups based upon generation, social class and education. This will test your software’s intelligence level and ability to compute data like a human brain. If any portions of your AI software program fail, make the necessary corrections and test the functions again. Continue to test processes until the desired results are reached.


Artificial intelligence programs are designed to compute like human brains and return data without a human having to collect it. These programs should interact with a human user as if another human is reacting to a direct consumer action. Software development is a process and requires a skilled team of developers, testers and coding specialists to create the complex system.

Of course if you don’t have the time and effort to do this development yourself, you can always save time and money by leveraging an Offshore software development company – to assist with getting your AI project completed.


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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.