Why I Disabled the Triberr Plugin for WordPress

I am sure the headline here grabbed a bunch of people who knew what Triberr was and are wondering what my beef is with the service and the truth is I have none.  I enjoy using Triberr and leverage it as a tool to share others information on Social Media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as helping get my own content showcased by others.

I have 3 tribes and have achieved the Chieftain status with a few of them.  I also have a reach of over 17 million with my Triberr account, or I thought I did until I realized a glitch in the system and how I was implementing it.


What I learned is that if you are a free Triberr member you can have 1 blog tied to your Triberr account via the WordPress plugin. But if you don’t have the Triberr plugin you can have 3 RSS feeds tied to your account.  For each tribe that you belong to or are the chief of you assign an RSS feed to.

When I originally created my Triberr account this was before the WordPress Triberr plugin existed, so I had a separate feed for my Gaming, Blogging and Technology categories respectively.  This allowed me to fine tune which feed went to which Tribe as you can see for my blogging RSS feed below.


This allowed me to not spam tribes with content not relevant to the tribe topic, my gaming articles for instance had no business in an Atomic SEO and Social Media tribe, it just was a poor content match.

The problem I realized was the Triberr Plugin overrides what you have defined in your Triberr RSS feeds, and my plugin was configured to only use my Technology feed.  Without realizing this my other feeds were no longer being pulled properly and my gaming and blogging content was not being broadcast because those feeds were stale since using the Triberr WordPress plugin.

I would prefer not to spam other tribes with inappropriate content, so instead of having 1 feed with all of my topics which includes 4 categories of subjects (Blogging, Gaming, Movies, Technology) I have decided to disable the Triberr WordPress plugin and rely on my silo’d feeds for now until a better solution can be found.

Triberr also is implementing changes on how many articles per week will be accepted into the system for both free and subscription members in an attempt to avoid one person from dominating a tribes stream by having too many posts per day which I think is a good idea.  In the meantime Triberr is a valuable tool for helping you reach a broader audience on social media and I highly encourage you use it for marketing and not only reaching a larger audience but also you can find some great content from others and build networking relationships as well.  Read more about the Importing Posts changes on the Triberr site.

Meanwhile, I am still maintaining 3 active Tribes, one for Blogging, one for Gaming and one for Technology bloggers.  If you have content that you want to share with an increased audience and want to join one of my tribes and help grow your audience as well as help my tribe member reach a bigger audience, feel free to click on the Tribe below that captures most of the content which you write about.  We all have an occasional off-topic article but generally most of the content should align with the category of the tribe.

Click here to join the Better Blogging Tribe


Click here to join the Video Game Tribe


Click here to join the Technology News tribe.


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