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I have been a Dish Network customer for many years myself and recently upgraded to take advantage of the Dish Anywhere programming that can be combined with The Hopper now to not only record the entire primetime lineup so that you can watch any Prime Time TV Show anytime since it is all pre-recorded and available to you at a moments notice.  Spend some time and Learn more about the Hopper which you can also leverage with Dish Anywhere so you can now stream your recorded DVR shows or even your Live Satellite TV feed to a mobile device anytime with the Dish Anywhere application on your iOS, Android or to your PC.

Here is a quick video to show you what we are talking about.

Basically, for people who spend more time watching TV on mobile devices or who are travelling and away from home but still want to catch up on their favorite current TV shows, you know the ones that are still in current broadcasting seasons like The Following, Mike and Molly, New Girl, Elementary just to name a few.  With The Hopper from Dish Network what this DVR does is it automatically records the entire network line up (Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS) for the 3 prime time hours for a full 8 days and keeps it available for you to watch anytime.  This also includes the AutoHop feature which gives you 1 click access to skip the entire commercial break instead of having to manually press the skip forward button several times and sometimes going to far and having to skip back to get to back when the show started again.

With Dish Anywhere your Hopper DVR as long as it has access to a faster Internet connection (very strong Wi-Fi signal or Ethernet hard wired) it streams your DVR or live content to your mobile application so that you can watch it on your iPad for example in a Hotel 200 miles away.  For me personally this service is fantastic because when I take trips to Encinitas, I don’t have to pay for a separate satellite TV service up there and can just stream my Dish Anywhere to watch live shows, or watch what I pre-recorded on DVR.


The Hopper also has the benefit of Hopper Transfers which is something I haven’t tested yet.  This is where you can transfer DVR content from the Hopper to your local iPad storage so that you can watch DVR content on your iPad without needing an internet connection.  This makes it ideal for watching your DVR content you transferred to your iPad for long plane rides, car trips (where you are the passenger or have to entertain kids) and more.  This is an ideal way to catch up on your DVR content while on the go, especially if you don’t have access to fast internet access to support the Dish Anywhere streaming.

Dish also has whole home DVR functionality so you record your device on your living room DVR and can play it back on any TV in the house.  Tired and want to finish the last twenty minutes of Elementary in bed?  Just pause it in the living room, and go resume it while lying in bed so you can simply shut TV off when done.

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Dish is offering the Hopper for free with starting packages of $24.99 right now when you sign up for 12 months with a 24 month commitment and some restrictions do apply. If you are already a Dish Network subscriber call them and ask about upgrades there are always options available.

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