Does Twitter Reduce Your Blogging Efficiency?

I had myself asking this very question repeatedly because as I spend more time engaging my followers on twitter and keeping up social communication on nights, weekends and during my spare time I realize that I am losing time to write blog posts and promote my blog via other SEO methods. Twitter is only effective if you engage your followers and friends, without having two way conversations your tweets are likely to be unnoticed and things you promote will be mostly disregarded. Unless of course you are a twitterlebrity or real celebrity and have thousands of followers hanging on your every tweet.

I enjoy talking to people on twitter, my fellow bloggers for instance usually share interesting articles, tips or information about what they ran into in the blogosphere which I enjoy learning about. I also enjoy talking with my poetry fans, or other Residents of Arizona about anything local or in the news. Realistically as I have reached over 3,000 followers it is becoming harder and harder to catch all tweets of interest in my follower stream, even with lists, filters and groups on Tweetdeck items that would have interested me still slip through the cracks.

How many others out there have found that they are spending more time engaging on twitter and as a result have less time to write blog articles and content? Or am I the only one juggling this issue?

-Dragon Blogger

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