DoFollow vs NoFollow: Never Ending Debate?

You will see my badge at the top right proudly proclaiming that is a DoFollow blog.

I originally started blogging and had read many posters talk about how the way to preserve pagerank is to become a NoFollow blog.  For newbie bloggers who don’t know, NoFollow is when you add the rel=”nofollow” to all outbound links on your blog or website so that you pass none of your PageRank juice to other sites.  In addition to passing no PR juice, you won’t give a noticeable track back to other sites either.  In theory this does help to preserve pagerank a bit, but you will get far more people commenting on your blog if you choose to go DoFollow and with a few extra measures and plug-ins you can make sure you don’t get inundated with comment spam.

I myself was a PR2 when I was a NoFollow blog and became a DoFollow blog last year and have been through 3 PageRank updates since, my PageRank is still 2 so I didn’t notice any PageRank loss in 9 months of being a DoFollow blog.

Most people specifically associated DoFollow or NoFollow with comments and commenters leaving their URL in the comments, via CommentLuv or direct URL link.  By Default WordPress will NoFollow all links on your WordPress blog, you have to specifically set your blog to “DoFollow” by installing the DoFollow wordpress plug-in.

I did a short video talking about DoFollow vs NoFollow and why I chose to change to a DoFollow blog last year:

So which camp are you in, DoFollow or NoFollow?

-Dragon Blogger

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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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