stateofplayI recently rented and watched State of Play on DVD which is packed with big name actors and actresses including Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Helen Mirren and Rachel McAdams. The movie is not original in its theme which is that of journalists trying to uncover a corporate or political conspiracy, but it is done in a unique way and has enough plot twists to keep you engaged and entertained throughout the film.

Russell Crowe who has gained quite a bit of weight for the film plays the old fashioned but experienced journalist who is paired up with Rachel McAdams who is an online writer/blogger for the newspaper they work for and writes quick paced and breaking articles regardless if they contain all the facts or correct information.

The two mesh very well as opposing writers and journalists at first only to compliment each other on researching the big mystery story about a congressman’s assistant being killed from what is thought to be a suicide at first. Helen Mirren plays an excellent role as the head of the Washington Post and is constantly battling the ability to give her reporters freedom, with meeting the demands of the paper owners who want juicy articles printed quickly.

State of Play had a few slow moments, but the film was engaging and had a twist ending that played out very well.

[xrr label= “State of Play (2009) rating=3/5] [youtube width=”555″ height=”261”][/youtube] [easyazon_block asin= “B002DU39GW”]


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