Movie Review: Legend (1985)

legend-1985 One of my favorite movies of all time is Legend which was released in 1985. This movie is a fantasy story long before the Lord of the Rings trilogy and holds up well over the years, it stars Tim Curry as “Darkness” a creature who worships the night and wants nothing more than to purge light and good from the world. Tom Cruise plays “Jack” a forest child who was raised by elves and forest creatures who is in love with a princess named Lily played by Mia Sara.

The movie is a romantic fantasy flick at its best, setting an fantasy world filled with orcs, goblins, unicorns, hags, faeries and magic. It is a Good versus Evil film with a poetic artistic style, one that really stands out is how Darkness himself has his heart empty and feels love for Lily himself willing to do just about anything to win her affection.

One day Jack wants to show Lily something magical and takes her to witness the last pair of unicorns in the world first hand, Lily though can’t just look and has to just “touch” one. Though there is no harm in touching the unicorn this allows the goblins to injure it with a poison and slay it by severing its horn.

We see that with one unicorn killed the world plunges into chaos, snow and ice freeze everything over and leave the mortal world in a frozen state. Darkness has Lily captured and brought to him while she tries to protect the second and final unicorn. Jack meanwhile with the help of his elven allies must arm himself and battle his way into the lair where Darkness is keeping both Lily and the mare.

Filled with sword and sorcery and one of the most disturbing creatures Meg Muckelbones the Hag, this film leaves you feeling like you watched a piece of art. Ridley Scott who directed the film did a fantastic job, and honestly I grew up with the American version of the film. Tangerine Dream was one of my favorite musical groups and their soundtrack is permanently burned in my head from this movie, I tried watching the European version fo the film and I didn’t not like it as much as the American version. The original didn’t have Darkness providing as much poetic speech as the American edited version which really helped give personality and presence to his character in my opinion.

Though as a fantasy film is dark and a little slow paced for younger kids, but there is no real bloodshed and very little violence compared to more modern fantasy flicks.

[xrr label= “‘Legend (1985)’ rating” rating=4/5]

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