In trying to find new games for my son to play I stumbled across Plants Vs Zombies which is a strategy type of game where you have to defend your house from waves of zombies attacking.  At your disposal are various plants that you can plant which can do things from shooting peapod bullets, to blocking zombies temporarily.  The puzzle game is simple, you simply prevent the Zombies from reaching the house.  If one gets past your walls of defenses, then you lose the game.

It is a real time puzzle that has kid friendly animation and graphics and keeps my son engaged, I played it for more than an hour with him the other night myself.  After beating each level you unlock a new plant type that you can leverage and you have to choose only 8 different plants on any given level.  The various zombies that attack your house come with assorted strengths, weaknesses and immunities and you have to balance the right plant with the right combination of zombies.

This is one of the most original and unique puzzle games I have played in years, and for someone looking for a simple puzzle game for their kids or even to kill time on their own, I highly recommend you check out Plants Vs Zombies, it is fun and addicting.

-Dragon Blogger

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino

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