Dragon Blogger Top Posts of 2011

Thanks to Jeff Esposito mentioning that Shareaholic had a free report which summarized your top posts for 2011 I was able to quickly put together my own Top posts of 2011 for DragonBlogger.com.

As you can see the Pottermore Trend caused 4 major articles to dominate my top posts.  My site continued to hold strong with Freeware based searches, Canon MF3110 searches and general articles on software.  The Kindle Fire for Kids article was only published in the last 30 days of 2011, so to have it reach #15 in the last month of the year was quite an accomplishment.


Top Posts of 2011
  1. Pottermore Sorting Hat Questions Analyzed
  2. Pottermore Welcome Email and Early Access Dates
  3. Pottermore Sorting Hat and Wand Selection Details
  4. Canon MF3110 Printing With Windows 7 64 Bit
  5. Finding Roku Private Channels like YouTube
  6. 15 Diablo 3 Desktop Wallpapers
  7. 10 Fantastic Windows Freeware Applications
  8. Finding Roku Private Channels like YouTube | Dragon Blogger
  9. 10 Fantastic Windows Freeware Applications | Dragon Blogger
  10. Farewell for NBC Heroes: No Season 5
  11. Pottermore: The Magical Quill Clues Await You
  12. Canon MF3110 Printing With Windows 7 64 Bit | Dragon Blogger
  13. Customize Your Search Page with Shiny Search
  14. Edit and Save ICO Images with Paint.NET
  15. Best Way to Setup Kindle Fire for Kids
  16. Lots of Paint.NET Plug-ins
  17. Will Xbox Kinect Work with Skype?
  18. Browser War: Firefox 4 Vs Chrome 9 Release | Dragon Blogger
  19. Bulk Unfollow Twitter Users with JustUnfollow
  20. Review: Dragon Age 2 Demo Xbox 360 | Dragon Blogger

As far as traffic sources, Google Search dominates my incoming traffic but StumbleUpon is my top referrer.  Firefox was the most common browser to hit my site with Chrome being #2 and Internet Explorer being 3rd place.


The most popular keywords centered around Pottermore, Roku, and some around Paint.Net and iBuyPower computers.


For top demographics it is no surprise that as an English blog hosted in the U.S. that most of my traffic comes from the United States.


Note, to get your own top 2011 posts from Shareaholic just click the link and know that you have to provide Google Analytics access to Shareaholic in order for it to compile a top posts page for you. Even though they give you full embed code however, WordPress doesn’t let you insert script code right into your post editor so you will probably have to fiddle with it to make it publish on your WordPress blog.  I don’t suggest you add the script tags to your header.php they wouldn’t be needed for all posts.

-Dragon Blogger

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