DragonBlogger is now Listed on BuySellAds

So recently my blog was approved to be listed on BuySellAds.com and I now am selling 125×125 ads for a starting price of $15 for 30 days. My blog has only been listed in the system for a week so the metrics haven’t fully caught up and accurately measured a full month, but they estimate pretty close to my unique traffic.

If you are interested in promoting your site or service you can purchase an AD on DragonBlogger.com. One thing I like about BuySellAds is the automation of how they handle the purchases, payments…etc. Of course I think you lose like 15% of the ad price in commission to the company, but if they get you ads that you weren’t getting by trying to sell yourself then it is well worth it.

I plan to expand and sell the 468×60 banner that sits right now at the top of my posts and promotes “MyLikes” and possibly opening up other ones in the future as my blog gains more traffic and popularity. I will wait to see how my experiment goes before I decide to add any more advertisements. I have noticed that some blogs are making big bucks from selling ads on BuySellAds and I have seen some bloggers sell 12+ ad slots for $100 each and have all of them sold out. This is $1200 a month income just from selling various 125 and 468 banner ads, of course these sites get hundreds of thousands of pageviews per month to command this kind of premium but every blogger strives to reap that much traffic that your site can command such a hefty price for advertising.

How many of my fellow bloggers use BuySellAds.com and how goes selling ads through them for your blog?

-Dragon Blogger

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