DragonBlogger.com is 2 Years Old Today

I started DragonBlogger.com on August 23rd 2008 and this blog has come a long way in just two years.  I have written around 1100 articles myself with another 20 or so guest posts contributed to my blog over the past two years.

I never realized when I started blogging that I would become so instantly passionate about it.  Two years later people come to me for Blogging advice, WordPress consulting and just by “doing” and experimenting my reputation as a blogger, internet entrepreneur have reached levels I wouldn’t have thought possible from just running a few blogs and being social on Twitter and a handful of other social media networks.

In two years DragonBlogger.com has had over 308k visitors and very close to 500k pageviews.  This is on this one site, my other 2 blogs are nearing 2 year in September and all of my sites combined are very close to 1 million pageviews.  You can also see that over two years 62% of my traffic comes from search engines.

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My site also now averages between 900 and 1,000 unique visitors per day which is 2-3x as much traffic as 1 year ago, and 12x as much traffic as 2 years ago.   I was fortunate to have some great posts early on that brought my site almost 100 unique visits per day within my first 60 days of blogging.

In two years, Blogging itself has earned me $5,095.35 dollars from my 3 blogs combined.  Considering that I blog only about 20 hours per week and blogging is just a hobby and a side project of mine I am quite proud of this.  Just click on my make money online link to see what programs I used to earn money on my sites, though different programs work better for different people mine have been very consistent for me across my sites.

I have made a high number of mistakes early on in blogging that cost me a lot of time and slowed the traffic growth of my sites.  In the end the experience and lessons learned were worth making some mistakes, but I would share with you which mistakes to avoid.

Know What your Blog Niche Will Be

This is a big one for me, when I first started DragonBlogger.com it was my first blog and I put posts about anything and everything.  I always wanted it to be a Technology and Blogging blog, but I also mingled in political posts, personal updates, poetry…etc  This was a big mistake and I got complaints from people who were interested in one thing that weren’t interested in other unrelated niche topics.  This caused me to branch out to 3 blogs within 30 days of starting DragonBlogger.com.  I created JustinGermino.com to be my personal blog, WandererThoughts.com to be my poetry blog and left DragonBlogger.com to be dedicated to all things Technology, Internet with some Entertainment thrown in.

Start a mailing list sooner than later

I waited almost 18 months before I took this serious and starting a mailing subscriber list, you can reach audience members in a different way here by showcasing articles, products as well as doing polling and giveaways.  You can build a trust with your mailing list that works a little differently than your blog readers or people who randomly hit your site from search engines and it is something you shouldn’t ignore.

Tune Your AdSense for Optimum Performance

Again, I waited sixteen months before really taking the plunge and putting actually effort and testing into my AdSense banner sizes and found a great combination that increased my earnings by over 300% within 2 months of tweaking the banner sizes and placements.


Those are some of the bigger lessons I have learned but some others I would include are not visiting other blogs enough and leaving comments, not submitting enough guest posts for other blogs…etc.  Some of this was because I simply don’t have a lot of time and I already write 90 articles per month with only 80 hours of blogging time dedicated per month.  I deliberately try to limit myself to 20 hours per week or less of blogging time.  I have a full time job which consumes 50-60 hours per week and I have two young kids and a family, so I need to make sure my work home life balance stays in order and blogging doesn’t interfere with my family time.

That is some of the many lessons I have learned from the past two years blogging, know this though.  I believe mistakes are key to learning and you have to try and experiment with as much as possible (especially early on) so that you can learn and become a better blogger.

-Dragon Blogger

Justin Germino
I have been obsessed with computers, tech, gadgets and games since the early 1980's having grown up on the Commodore 64 and Amiga computers. By day I work in the IT Security Industry and have been in IT for over 20 years. On my spare time I am a Vlogger, Blogger, Streamer, Gadget Reviewer, affiliate marketer, influencer and entertainer. I am also an avid movie fan, TV Show fan, Anime fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
Justin Germino


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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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