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I was reading Lee Ka Hoong’s article over at My Blog 2 Day about Doubling Your Traffic By Distributing Content into Different Mediums and saw the bullet mentioned about publishing your video posts to many sites simultaneously with TubeMogul. I had never heard of TubeMogul before I read this article and I am so glad I finally found out about it.

TubeMogul allows you to upload your video file one time and it will automatically distribute to all of your video networks under your account, this includes YouTube, Revver, File5, VideoJug, Zoopy, Veoh and many more. You only need to upload your video file 1 time, and then establish your accounts and connections with all your other video social networks (you do this in similar fashion on how you make Ping.FM connect to your social networks).

Once done, you now can upload your video one time and blast it out to distribute to all your video content networks. You can put SEO tags on your video files, title and description them before uploading.

This makes my job so much easier to share my video demonstrations across an array of video sites, and the only real limitation is the 100MB file size limit for the video files. Though YouTube allows larger files my guess is that TubeMogul had to accommodate the “lowest” file size site to make sure content can successfully be distributed to them all.

TubeMogul also gives you analytics and tracking of the views of all your video’s not only from being shown on TubeMogul, but also you can get analytics from your video’s across all of the video networks, so you can track how your video is being displayed and where.

If you upload tutorials and video content that is often under 100mb in size or in 100mb or smaller chunks, I highly recommend you take a look at TubeMogul.

Thanks to Lee for mentioning it on My Blog 2 Day.

-Dragon Blogger

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