Easy Way of Finding GOV or EDU Backlinks

Fellow bloggers and web developers who are looking to create .edu or .gov backlinks to their blog should take note of Alex Whalley’s article titled How to Digg Up The Juiciest Backlinks.    In this article Alex talks about a really easy way to find gov and edu sites with which you can create profiles and build backlinks to your own sites and in some cases these can be DoFollow links.


His method outlined is so simply and brilliant I am amazed I haven’t heard of it specifically before, I have heard of variations of the idea using Google search for edu and gov backlinks but never using the Digg social network.

Rather than write the instructions I instead want all my readers to go read the article about building .gov backlinks on AlexWhalley.com so you can see for yourself how easy it is.  With this methodology you should be able to come up with at least a few .gov or .edu backlinks.  I did try it myself and found on the day I searched only 1 .gov and 1 .edu forum showed up where I could register and get a backlink.  There were several results but most were from the same forum or were spam submissions trying to sell .gov or .edu backlinks.

Another thing you can do is simply perform the following search on Google:

site:.gov /profile

site:.gov register.php


site:.edu /profile

site:.edu register.php

This will often lead to a lot of search results where there may be a profile or registration process, not in all cases and it is a shotgun approach but this could lead to ways to sign up and build .edu and .gov backlinks as well.

-Dragon Blogger

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