Embedding a Google Slideshow into Your Blog Post

Several people have asked me how to embed a Google Slideshow into a blog post, so I decided to use my CamStudio to create a little screencast demonstration on how easy this is to accomplish. Watch the video for a demonstration on how to do it:

For those who need manual instructions you can do the following:

  • Create a new post
  • Make sure your post is in HTML Editor Mode
  • Go to your Google Picasa Web Album
  • Click on “Link To This Album”
  • Click on “Embed Slideshow”
  • Select “Slideshow Size” (make sure you choose a width that will fit in your blog post)
  • Uncheck autoplay (this is really an annoying feature, let the reader play it if they want to)
  • Then just copy and paste the entire <embed>Lots of CODE</embed> into your post where you want the slideshow to play.
  • Save your post and preview it
  • Slideshow should play inside post

-Dragon Blogger

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