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I have always had a fascination with Steampunk myself and loved adding Steampunk elements to Dungeons and Dragons when I played it plus how Steampunk crept into Warcraft with the Gnomes as well as in other RPG/Role Playing games.  Something about the metal work, brass, gears especially has always hooked me.  One of my favorite aspects of Hellboy: The Golden Army was the Steampunk like golems that the protagonists face.  And if you are a BioShock fan in gaming, you are all too familiar with Steampunk elements scattered throughout Columbia.

So when Sbabzy contacted me with a chance to team up and offer 3 Steampunk goggles to our combined fanbase I was excited to jump on board and want to share more about Steampunk Goggles with you.

First, Steampunk Googles is launching a Kickstarter campaign for a new line of Steampunk playing cards.  You can check out this Kickstarter campaign here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/consorte/steampunk-goggles-playing-cards-deck-uspcc-bicycle and I encourage you to help back it if you are into all things Steampunk.  The concept art for the cards are incredible and really do justice to the theme.


You also get a pair of Steampunk Googles if you pledge enough and some of the googles are just amazing in their craftsmanship.

Steampunk Googles is partnering with Sbabzy and Dragon Blogger to giveaway 3 pairs of Steampunk Googles.

There will be 3 winners and one winner will receive 1 pair of goggles, in the entries you can choose which pair you prefer to win, however if multiple winner’s want the same pair you may end up getting one of the other pairs on the list.


Rebel Winged Steampunk Goggles

This steampunk gear has intricately designed wings on each side and has dangling ball chain accents that will match any of your steampunk jewelry.

  • Winged embellishments on each side
  • Dangling ball chain accents
  • Riveted around the rims
  • Antiqued brass color
  • Adjustable and lined for comfort
  • Functional welding goggles


HMS Bounty Ship’s Captain Nautical Goggles

  • Blue lenses
  • Antique brass finish around lenses
  • Nautical compass accent on each side


Riveted Adventurer Steampunk Goggles

  • Handmade goggles
  • Genuine brown leather strap connecting base sockets
  • Riveted brown faux leather around eye sockets of goggles
  • Adjustable nylon strap fits all sizes
  • Crystal clear, removable acrylic lenses – shatter resistant
  • Steel frames painted twice with brass paint, plus clear overcoat to prevent chipping
  • Eye cushions add comfort for all day wear.

Enter now to win a pair of high quality Steampunk Googles

One thing to note is advertiser will ship to U.S. for free, but if you live outside the U.S. you will be responsible for shipping and have to coordinate that with the advertiser.

Which pair do you want to win?

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