Entertainment and Blogging Tips from BlazingMinds

When I think of a blog that is energetic—just full of awesomeness–and powered by one of the most insanely clever minds on the internet, I think of BlazingMinds, a blog by a great blogger and business woman, Karen. It’s not enough to say BlazingMinds blog is full of valuable information—it is complete with tech news, social media updates, reviews, and entertainment, all in one convenient package. The blog design is easily navigable and all the important post are always upfront and ready for viewing.

BlazingMinds focus—is getting you the information you need to facilitate your own blogging needs with blogging tips:

  • Best way to set your blogging goals to help keep you blogging year round!
  • Tips on what makes an author delete or mark your comments as spam, and
  • Blogging for income? Find out what is the best size ad banners for your site!

Twitter newbie?  Here are a few simple  ‘twitter tips’ that can help you maximize your Twitter follower potential:

  • How to write a Killer Twitter bio to attract more followers.
  • How including a Twitter button on your site posts can potentially increase your Twitter followers, and
  • Who can do without Karen’s help for finding the best of Twitter’s #follow #Friday followers!

Best of all, Karen–of BlazingMinds–is extremely helpful, and communicates great with answering questions about blogs and blogging. She is friendly, and offers blogging tips and advice with a smile. Interested in finding a blog that is nofollow free? There is a handy “bloggers search tool” an easy way to find the top blogs to comment on. If your blog is Commentluv enabled—well, then, half the work is already done for you.

Blogging tips, humor, and a brilliant collage of the latest blog-news, all wrapped in one convenient, accessible, and fun site! Why don’t you head on over and visit Karen and her BlazingMinds website? You will be glad you did. But don’t take my word for it–you will have to visit and see for yourself.

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