EVGA Geforce GTX 1080 TI Founders Edition 11G-P4-6390-KR Review

Installing the EVGA Geforce GTX1080 Ti Founders Edition

This may be a section some will skip over because they may already know how to install a video card, but I do this to help those of you that do not.  I do this so that you can have enough confidence installing or upgrading your own video card, even maybe building your own PC.  This video walks you through installing/upgrading a video card.

Here she is installed on the EVGA Z270 FTW K motherboard, makes a nice pair.

I will have to state, I had video of me doing this install/upgrade alone but I deleted it by mistake so I had to edit a video I did on a full system build.  In case it will help you, here are the 2 videos in which I extracted this video from.  Video #1 is how to build a PC and Video #2 is how to cable a PC.

How to build a Gaming PC with Intel, EVGA, HyperX, Cougar and more

How to cable a Gaming PC with Intel, EVGA, HyperX, Cougar and more

Alright, now it’s time to check out how she performs.  This next page has some benchmarks.

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