Ewin Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

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Being a person who spends almost half of his day on his computer for various activities, a comfortable chair is a must have. Just recently I got the chance to review the Ewin Racing Champion series gaming chair and to put it simply; the feeling is heavenly compared to the one I was using before with a wooden base.

Ewin Racing Champion Series Chair

Ewin Racing is a new company so you might not have heard about them before. They are based in China but they provide worldwide free shipping, so you’re covered no matter where you live. They currently have 4 different gaming chair lineups in various designs and colors and all with free shipping. Over that, they’re also providing free custom embroidery on their seats and 10% off of your first purchase.
So let’s get into the juicy stuff.

Ewin Racing Champion Chair Unboxing:

So I went ahead and did an unboxing video for the chair. In case you don’t want to go through the video, you get the 5 star base, 5x PU casters, 3x M6 screws, 1x M8 Allen Key, 2x side covers, 1x tray, 1x gas lift cylinder, 3x plastic caps for gas lift cylinder, the 2 part body, 1x headrest and 1x waist cushion.


Ewin Racing Champion Chair Specification:



Ewin Racing Champion Chair Assembly:

It’s better to demonstrate the assembly with a video rather than the pictures, so I went ahead and did one as well.

The assembly may require up to 2 persons for easy installation, but it can be done alone as well. I’m like 50KG and probably the laziest person around, but I was able to do it alone. Something I’ve mentioned in the assembly video, just noting it down here as well that we only get 1x M8 Allen key for the M8 screws on the body, but we don’t get any M6 Allen key for the side covers so I had to buy one from the local store. Ewin Racing’s been notified about this so I’m pretty sure they’ll start including one in the new batches to come.


Armrests, Height and Back Adjustment:

Ewin Racing Champion Series Chair
The chair does have adjustable Arm Rest and height. The top body can be increased or decreased using the lever on the right side that unlocks the gas lift system. With the gas lift system, you can increase or decrease the height of the chair by about 4 inches, with a max height of 19 inches from the ground. The armrest can be increased or decreased height wise as well, and also you can move them a little towards the outside by unscrewing the screws at the bottom. This seems like a great deal to me because the keyboard holder on my table seems a little high so I was planning on removing it and installing it a bit lower, but now with the seats height and armrest adjustment feature, I don’t have to go through that.
The chair also features a back tilt system. Once again, you have the lever on the right side for this purpose. The chair can go flat 180, or you can have it tilted anywhere midways. But one thing that I feel betrayed about is the 90-degree flatness. It’s more like 95 or 100 degrees in the default locked position, and you can’t go below that angle. SO sometimes, in my most active posture, that’s sitting straight, I feel the lack of back support on the shoulders. But if I’m in my relaxed position, it’s not a big deal.

Also, the back tilt system is very handy for different postures. Like I can have my legs placed on some box or stuff and have a back tilted backward a bit and use my tablet or mobile for various stuff. It’s very relaxing in that position. Also, even though, the chair does go 180 degrees flat, I still prefer the feel of the foam in my bed for sleeping, but a little nap can be taken on the chair as well.


User Experience:

Ewin Racing Champion Series Chair
I’ve used the chair for about more than a week, and the comfort of this chair is great. This chair has indeed increased my time limit of how long I can sit on the chair before I get tired/fatigued. Compared to my previous basic chair, it also has many options like the adjustable height, backrest adjustment, tilt tension adjustment and hand rest adjustment. But the best feature about the chair for me is most likely the Waist cushion and backrest adjustment. Having the waist cushion pressed against your lower back gives you great comfy feeling whether you’re tired from some activity or have lower back pain. Both the waist cushion and headrest just adds more points to its comfort. But usually, I’d have the headrest off of the chair as it doesn’t have much use while I’m playing games because that require me to be active and being too relaxed just lowers my concentration. Also, it was somewhat pressing my neck to the front in the straight posture.

Ewin Racing Champion Series Chair
But if you’re watching a movie or texting on mobile or something that doesn’t require your active position on the seat, the headrest seems like a great add-on once you tilt the chair a little towards the back. I’ve watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad (yea, just started) recently on my Chuwi Hi10 Tablet while having the backrest tilted towards the back a little having both the waist cushion and headrest attached, and not for one moment did I felt uncomfortable, rather it was very relaxing.

Ewin Racing Champion Series Chair
Now this is something I feel like limited to skinny people, I feel like the chair is a little broad, not that it’s not good, it gives you some space to move and readjust your sitting position. But I just feel like, a more compact design that’s touching your body from the sides might have been better. But for an average healthy person, this side cushions should feel great.


Video Review:



Ewin Racing Champion Series Chair
After using the chair for a while, I can easily say; I’m amazed by the quality of the chair, the material used, the feeling it has, the adjustment features, the add-ons, and the design. If you’re looking to get a chair that’s comfortable for your long sessions and won’t lose its shape too early, with some extra features, then Ewin Racing’s Champion Series chair might be one good option in the pool.

Other than all the positives, I found 2 cons about the chair. One is that the PU casters don’t have a brake system. I often find myself moving a little bit here and there because of the PU castors while doing various activities. So having a brake system would’ve been good. And second is the 90-degree advertisement of the chair. Even the way they demonstrated the 90-degree angle on their product page, the back of the chair isn’t in 90-degree position. So a little adjustment here is to be done.

Ewin Racing Champion Series Chair

In the end, most people are stuck on one questions whenever it comes to gaming chairs. Is it worth the price? Most of the brands known for gaming chairs in the market currently have an average of 300-400$, same is true with the Ewin Racing Champion series gaming chair. It has an MSRP of $349. Now at that price point, I would find it rather difficult to recommend a gaming chair to someone. Not that I’m unhappy with the quality of chair, but a price tag of 350$ just seems too high. But compared to the market, and the pros and cons of the chair, with free worldwide shipping, free custom Embroidery and 12 to 24 months’ warranty on different parts of the chair, I’m in a position of recommending this brand over other popular brands.
In the end, I would like to rate the Ewin Racing Champion Series Chair a 4.5/5 star and give it our Editor’s Choice and Recommended buy award.

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It doesn’t end there. Ewin Racing has also created a discount coupon for our readers/viewers that take $80 off of your purchase. The code is “dragon” and is valid till 1st November and it can be used for 2 chair purchases per person. So go ahead and break your piggy banks.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.