Finally Tweaked My Comments on

For a few weeks I have been wanting to go through and fix how my comments displayed and when somebody asked me on twitter about my comments being centered, I decided to finally do something about it.  I was able to fix the error in the single.php where I had a <center> line near the bottom which was was causing the issue with the comments centering, but I also didn’t like the size of the font and the display of the users who left comments.

A few quick plug-ins like WordPress Thread Comment which allows my reply to show right after the person who comments, and threads it is a really neat plug-in that allows you to customize the background color of the reply so you can make replies stand out from normal comments.

Since my wordpress theme is actually really old, no gravatars or images displayed for users who left comments, so I installed the Easy Gravatars to quickly and easily resolve this problem.

I also increased the font size to 14 and changed the font to Verdana for comments, so that I feel the comments are more user friendly, easier to read and you can see the gravatar of those who comment.

What do you think of the comment improvements to

-Dragon Blogger

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