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Being an online entrepreneur is not an easy ordeal and many bloggers and marketers will tell you that a key to big money lies in your ability to create an expansive mailing list.  Few things are more desirable than finding easy sales leads that could help build a mailing list faster and lead to prospects who have interest in the products or services you are marketing.

This is where a service like infofree comes in to help make finding sales leads and managing your mailing lists not only easy but effective.

I logged into infofree myself and started looking at their over 50 database of sales leads to see just what they had to offer.  Right off the bat I saw a wealth of categories to choose from and there was certainly something to cater to just about any type of blogger in the “other consumer databases” section.

In doing some searches of these databases, you are immediately given the option to drill down with a staggering number of options. For example, let’s say that you offer WordPress services and design websites for small businesses.  You can simply search their Small Business database and narrow down to local Zip Codes, City or County and then further drill down to business category.  This gives you the option to target local businesses and contact them to see if they need a company website setup and gives you a chance to sell them on having a WordPress blog as their company site.

This also gives you the ability to request in person meetings, maybe a business lunch or something to discuss your proposal and because you can start locally you can build and establish connections in person for greater initial trust.  You can then continue to expand as you grow and gain satisfied customers and leverage both word of mouth and continued expansion of broadcasting services to find new clients.

This was just a simple example for a blogger trying to offer WordPress services to small businesses, but the same rule can apply to just about anything.  If you are a pet food blogger, you can find companies that list themselves in the pet category and offer to do reviews of their products in exchange for samples, coupons…etc.  You can leverage these lists not only to market or sell products or services but to potentially establish and forge relationships with businesses or people who may be interested as well.

It is all about how you approach your marketing efforts when contacting people, and you must make sure you stand out from the SPAM crowd to be noticed and seen as providing value to gain interest.

Features of infofree

  • 50+ databases to choose from
  • unlimited search, select, view and download of sales leads
  • unlimited business credit profiles
  • unlimited view and prints of emails
  • see prospects on map to narrow down location
  • search by area code or zip code

infofree is also adding in the following features soon:

  • Alerts on customers and prospects
  • Local weather and news
  • Send emails, postcards and surveys for follow up and reminders
  • Free contact manager (can’t wait until this feature comes in)
  • Upload customer files

Right now, infofree is offering a Blogger Special of $39.95 if you use code BLOG39 at sign up.  The best thing is you can just try it for 30 days and see if it provides enough benefit to justify it’s usage.  Honestly, I have spent 3x that much on programs that provided little to no benefit to me and just from my 24 hour free trial to do the review I see enormous potential for bloggers and those who offer products/services that they want to market via email lists.

-Dragon Blogger

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