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Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post, brought to you by your friends at I was compensated to browse the site and share my thoughts and opinions. The words and opinions are mine and mine alone.

Upon being invited to take a look at I signed up for an account and was surprised at how many discounts and promotional codes that I was able to find on the site. The site has a clean and easy to browse layout and you can quickly search for category of item you are looking for Computers and Electronics to Flowers or Toys to find discounts and coupons for one of the many retailers.

When I say many retailers I mean just about every big name brand you can think of. There are over four hundred and fifty retailers listed on and these include everyone from Best Buy to Bed Bath and Beyond where you can find discounts like 50% of electronics, or other coupons from countless retailers.

What I like about the site is that you can see how many people “liked” the coupons, this gives you a gauge for popular coupons and you can easily keep track of expiration dates and special conditions or terms of the coupon. I was surprised to see coupons for Adobe Software and PC Mall where you can save up to 35% on computer hardware with one of the coupons at the time.

So whether you are looking for electronics, garden, hardware, software or just a simple Bed Bath Beyond coupon you can’t go wrong by browsing and seeing what coupons are available on

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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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