Find FollowFriday Recommendations on Twitter

With over five thousand twitter followers now and being fairly active on the social network I find myself forgetting who I have had conversations with earlier in the week by the time Friday comes around. This is where an application like Follow Friday Helper comes into play. This web site shows you all the people you interacted most frequently with on Twitter so and select them for a quick FollowFriday recommendation.

I enjoyed the site so much I did a quick video demonstration showing readers how easy it is to use:

I only use it to find my more obscure people to recommend, but I find myself using Follow Friday Helper at least twice on Fridays to find people to recommend to my followers. I also have a few ones I can recite and know offhand as well as reciprocating FollowFridays by some of my own followers and friends, but this tool is useful and incredibly easy to use.

How many of you are already using Follow Friday Helper to recommend people on Twitter?

-Dragon Blogger

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