Finding and Choosing Pay Per Click (PPC) Programs

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post, commissioned by Crest Media Internet Marketing. This is not a review but merely an informational message about PPC programs and my thoughts and opinions on them.

When looking to promote your business or site you have should consider whether or not a Pay Per Click (PPC) program will benefit you and if it is something you should be using to help drive traffic to your site, recognition for your product or company brand, or just to try and boost sales. Though you can run your own PPC Advertisement campaigns through a variety of companies including Google Adwords yourself, if you are not very experienced with SEO, PPC programs you might be better off hiring someone to handle the pay per click management on behalf of your company.

The really nice thing about PPC programs is even local business can target specific demographics, and if you ran store or business out of San Diego, you can create a PPC program that listed your business for the keywords for anyone who was searching the internet and had an IP range that fell in the subnet from that geographic area. This is one of the advantages of running custom CPC campaigns, where you don’t need “global” clicks but are only interested in targeted advertising at specific local markets.

My honest opinion is this about PPC programs, they do work for bringing traffic to your site (I brought about 600 something visits with a test PPC program I ran) but they work ideally if you are selling a product or service and you can convert those clicks into a sale. Unless you have an advertising budget that you can just spend on “promotion” just to get traffic for the sake of getting visits, you stand to make a better ROI if you are using a PPC campaign that can translate into product or service sales.

This is my opinion on PPC programs from what experience I have had with them.

How about fellow bloggers, who has some PPC program stories to share? Have you done a PPC program to advertise your site or service? Did it work for you, did you get a good return on investment?

-Dragon Blogger

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