Fiverr: Purchase a Service for $5

I saw a tweet on Twitter promoting a product or service on Fiverr and decided to check it out.  I found a site that allows people to sell just about any service you can think of, but the limitation is you can only charge $5 for whatever service you list on the site.  This can be anything from promoting somebody’s products on your social media accounts, bookmarking a website, writing a blog post review for someone…etc.  $5 is the most you can charge and the most you will pay for any service.


I found some very potential interesting things about the service in that for $5 you could hire somebody to promote your site on Twitter or Facebook to accounts with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, I don’t know if this is real, but if they do have that many followers this would be cheaper than many other services to promote on Twitter.

One of the funniest ones was someone offering to call you out of a bad date for $5


There were artistic services people to write haiku’s, poems or even draw you artwork and logos for $5 as well as share and tip based services like nutritional advice and such.

I haven’t purchased any services through the site but for the heck of it decided to sell custom poems for $5, heck I already write random twitter poems and I can create poems on queue, so I am charging $5 to create a custom and personalized poem to anyone who wants me to create one for them.

You can also purchase people who will create 1 minute or longer YouTube video’s about your product or service, personally I know how much time it takes to create and edit a video and I don’t think I would charge $5 to do a video so to see anyone offer a video for this price is decent.  I also saw an online radio show with 30,000 readers will promote your product or service with URL for $5. allows you to buy or sell services for $5 and $5 only, what do you think of this site, do you think some of these services can be valuable?

-Dragon Blogger

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