Free Image Resizer for Windows 7

I had been stumbling looking for a way to quickly resize a batch of 5mb images so that they can be uploaded to the web and shared more easily. Windows XP used to have an ImageResizer that was part of the Windows XP Power Toys, which allowed you to simply right click on a file and resize the image to shrink it without much quality loss.

CodePlex released the ImageResizer utility for Windows Vista and Windows 7 and it is downloadable in a 32bit and 64bit version. This Windows 7 Image Resizer is completely free and you can download it and try it for yourself.

After you download the program you can go to any image folder and select as many or few images you want and click the right mouse button.

You will then see a “Resize” option that you can select.

Once selecting you will be presented with some size options and then an “Advanced” button on the bottom left, always click on Advanced if you want to set custom pixel resolution.

Here you can specify the exact width resolution you need, I have to often select 640×480 image sizes for my blog posts, or 530 width pixels for some of my blogs which don’t have as wide sidebars.

With the Image Resizer Tool for Windows 7 you can quickly and easily mass resize photo’s, you also have the option of saving the files as copies or overwriting the original so you don’t waste disk space if you don’t want to keep the larger photo sizes.

This tool prevents you from having to open Picasa and export a selection of pictures to different sizes, or having to edit them one at a time.

-Dragon Blogger

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