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I used to use a piece of software called LPC (Link Popularity Check) but this downloadable software does not work with Windows 7 64 bit, so I had to resort to finding some other websites and SEO tools out there for collecting and reporting on Link Popularity. I like getting a good baseline of how many links are found online linking to my blogs and compare the same results of peer websites. Now no link checking program is 100% accurate, and I found some showing I had 12,000 backlinks, others showing 40,000 backlinks. The one I am using for this example is the Link Popularity Check Tool from Submit Express. This tool showed I had just over 22,000 links to my blog, but what I liked about the tool is you can enter up to 3 URL’s at the same time and get comparisons. This saves me time from having to enter 1 URL at a time and compare results.

This online tool appeared fairly accurate based on ExtremeJohn mentioning he had 35,000 or so backlinks and I validated that number with this tool.

So this is the new website I bookmark and check on occasion to see my growth on the web for my blogs, right now my DragonBlogger flagship has about 5x as many links online as my other smaller blogs. Obviously dofollow blogs are nice to collect some interest and backlinks, but lets face it, you aren’t leaving 22,000 comments on other blogs to get 22,000 backlinks, most of the backlinks come from writing articles that other people want to write about and link to, or get indexed by multiple engines.

-Dragon Blogger

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