Free SEO Extension for Google Chrome: Sorezki SEO Plus

As far as web browsers are concerned, Google Chrome beats Firefox, Internet Explorer and most others hands down in the areas of speed, resource minimization and HTML 5 support. The only reason people still prefer Firefox is because it has a large number of plugins and extensions. But no more! Sorezki has released a spanking new Chrome extension for SEO professionals, webmasters and blog owners called Sorezki SEO Plus Chrome extension. Some of its most exciting features are:

1.Google Webmaster Tools upgrades

2.Yahoo Search statistics

3.Google Analytics with social activity stats and local search statistics!

4.On-page statistics for each webpage, showing competitor links as well!

5.Social Media popularity stats

6.Google PageRank, backlink stats, anchor text info, meta data, markup validation and search rankings live!

7.Multiple search engine box (Google, Bing and Yahoo!) with Geo-location based search tools

8.Absolutely no privacy-related issues, since no personally identifiable information or search history is stored by Sorezki.

9.One-click access to live website information! Just click on the link at the top right of the Google Chrome window beside the address bar.

10.An optimization tab showing all validation errors, number of HTML tags like Title, h1, meta tags etc.

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Despite having such diverse features, the Sorezki SEO Extension for Chrome is absolutely free of cost!

Since the only justification for my using Firefox now was to view live website stats, I’m seriously considering uninstalling Mozilla Firefox 4 and 5!

FREE Download link for Sorezki SEO Plus Chrome extension:

Once you have downloaded/installed the Extension on Google Chrome, all you need to do is right-click on the icon beside the address bar and click on settings. Then configure the extension quickly to start getting one-click statistics and validation information live on the webpages!

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