Best Free WordPress AdSense Plugins

Sometimes you don’t want to have to manually modify a WordPress theme and insert AdSense code, you would instead prefer to reply on a plugin to handle injecting your AdSense code into your posts or pages that way when you upgrade themes you don’t have to worry about manual changes being blown away.

Here are a list of some free WordPress AdSense plugins that add AdSense banners automatically to your posts with a brief description of each.  Note, I prefer Quick AdSense or Easy AdSense plugin myself after testing all of these and many more.

AdSense (Komoona Version)

This is the free Komoona AdSense WordPress plugin companion that not only displays an AdSense banner, but also will allow advertisers to purchase that same banner spot with a Komoona ad if they are going to pay more than the CPC of the AdSense ad.  This works well if you are already using the Komoona network which allows you to directly sell ads on your blog.  It does however lack customization options, only supports single ad per post placement and has no ability that I could find to disable ads on individual posts.

Google AdSense Plugin


This free Google AdSense WordPress plugin gives you some flexibility over the banner size, colors and minor placement adjustments but still only supports bottom of posts after content.  This allows automated ad creation just based off of your publisher ID, but doesn’t support custom channels so you can track performance of specific ads.  It also isn’t so good at handling multiple ads per post and allowing you to disable them on individual posts.  It however can make for a quick and easy custom setup if you just want to host a banner at the end of your WordPress articles.

Easy AdSense


Easy AdSense is one of the most powerful and customizable free WordPress AdSense Plugin options available for WordPress that allows you to add specific AdSense units to the top, middle or bottom of posts as well as add AdSense widgets for your sidebars.  You basically use the same AdSense code you create on Google AdSense and cut/paste that code into the various boxes you want to insert into your blog posts.  You can also specify alignment of center, left or right and one really nice feature is you can set a minimum word count that the post must be to display the ad.  This means you can suppress ads for posts with lower word count so the post doesn’t look completely obliterated by ads.  This is a really nice feature and you can set it per individual ad block.  I haven’t seen this feature in any other AdSense plugin and you can also add a Google Search box to your sidebar with the same plugin.  You can also disable AdSense on specific posts by using the <!–noadsense–> shortcode which is a requirement for some sponsored opp companies.


Quick AdSense


Quick AdSense is another very flexible free AdSense plugin for WordPress that is like Easy AdSense in that it allows you to easily setup and configure custom ad boxes for top, middle and bottom of posts as well as add AdSense boxes into Sidebar widgets.  Like Easy AdSense you simply just add the custom AdSense script to the various ad boxes and configure them to display.  You can also choose to have a random ad box rotator, this is useful if you have specific non-AdSense adds you want to support as well.  Quick AdSense is also flexible in that even though it has AdSense in it, you can use any banner ad code and have it display in various sections of the post.


Another good thing about Quick AdSense is that you get custom HTML tag buttons in your WordPress editor that allow you to disable ads on specific posts, this is necessary if you do sponsored reviews and a requirement for things like SocialSpark.


You can also have it display random adds or adds with shortcode instead of being enabled by default.

All in One AdSense and YPN!


This free WordPress AdSense plugin allows you to configure 1-3 ad blocks that appear in your posts and you can set the Publisher ID and Channel ID that applies to all 3 ad blogs, unfortunately it doesn’t allow customization and specific options about each ad block, they all conform to the same ad size or randomly rotate through selected ad sizes.  It does allow you to disable ads on posts like Easy AdSense but overall this plugin wasn’t as flexible as I needed it to be with the multiple ad blogs and therefore I switched from this plugin (after using it for 2 years) to Quick AdSense.

In Summary

If you like me would prefer to have your AdSense ads inserted into your WordPress blog posts via a plugin rather than modifying theme files which gives you the flexibility of disabling them on individual posts so your blog can support systems like Social Spark where you earn from Sponsored Reviews or other programs to make money online, then I recommend you use Quick AdSense or Easy AdSense.  Both of them have the flexibility to support multiple and varied AdSense banners inside your posts at set positions, Quick AdSense has a little more flexibility in terms of manual placement on posts and has the nice quick button for adding no AdSense shortcode to your posts but both plugins work very well.  Both plugins do not have you put the AdSense publisher ID in the plugin settings and instead provide you with boxes that you put your full Google AdSense script code into. This allays the fears some have with sneaky developers trying to sub out their AdSense channel ID with those of the plugin developer as people accused of All in One AdSense and YPN of doing at one point previously.

Quick AdSense and Easy AdSense were the two best AdSense WordPress plugins that I could find and both have several hundred thousand downloads showing that they have been established and are in wide usage already.  Most of the other plugins I have tested can’t even come close to their flexibility and functionality.

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