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I have protected some of my excel documents previously with passwords, like my budgets or documents that contain sensitive account information. Often in an IT environment employees will also protect Excel documents with a password, or have the document in read only but only editable with a password. This is common practice when keeping system passwords themselves inside of an excel spreadsheet or file.

However often enough the password to open the excel document is lost, or forgotten. Perhaps it was knowledge that left with a former employee and you need to gain access to those Excel files. This is where Excel Password Recovery can assist. This software will strip out the password protection from Excel Worksbooks, or you can use it to help recover the original password if you prefer. This program will not only recover the passwords for your workbook, but recover passwords for each individual worksheet if they are protected inside the workbook.

I would always think it better to strip the password and set a new one, then try to use the original password. Especially if former employees had the password and left the bank with it, but you can keep the original if it is for your own personal documents and you just happened to forget your own password.

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Justin Germino
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Justin Germino

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