Gain Exposure and Backlinks from Article Directories

Article directories are rapidly increasing online as a way to not only gain exposure for your site but also gain backlinks which help improve your site’s Alexa rating and ranking over time.  Know however that article directories that are brand new can disappear just as easily as they crop up which can cause a sudden loss in backlinks.  An example was the DoFollowLuv and BloggerLuv sites which together had over 33,000 links to that vanished when the sites went offline.

This is why you should always diversify and never rely on a single article directory for all of your exposure.  This article lists some article directories which I use and heavily recommend.

Blog Engage


By far this was one of the first on the list below and is among the most visited and frequently used.  Blog Engage also supports any category of blog from personal blogs, to photography and poetry blogs.  Some of my poems get voted to the 1st page too!

Blog Engage also has an RSS Syndication Program which allows you to auto submit your blog posts and it categorizes your feed and also feeds your blog into 5 other directories.  So if you blog once a day you get 180 submissions a month, which is a fantastic deal and saves you at least 10 hours a month from having to do it yourself.  Their Platinum membership is the one I belong to and it costs $9.99 per month but lets you feed up to 3 blog feeds automatically, I run 3 blogs so this auto submits over 540 articles for me so I don’t have to manually for only $10 which is just under 2 cents an article submission.

If you only use 1 of the article submission directories in this list, I recommend Blog Engage be the primary one.

Biz Sugar


BizSugar is highly popular and is ideal and should be primary for those who have blogs specific to marketing and business.  You won’t find personal blogs, poetry, arts, tech, gadgets or gaming on BizSugar which is why it isn’t a great content match for my sites.  However if you write about making money online, running a start up or any sort of business offline or online then BizSugar should be a directory you submit to.




SERPd is gaining popularity among bloggers who write about SEO, Blogging, WordPress and Social Media.  If you blog in these niches then this is a directory you should be submitting articles to and make sure you interact with the community, vote on other articles…etc.  In fact SERPd doesn’t let you submit 2 articles in a row from the same domain which prohibits you from just sending only your own articles to the directory, you must go around and share other bloggers articles and submit them to SERPd in order to heavily participate in the system.  I use SERPd once in a while, but because only about 1/4 blog posts are in these topics and I have limited time to browser and submit other’s articles I can’t participate too often on SerpD even though I recommend it for other bloggers in this market.



Blokube is a rapidly growing article submission directory that bloggers who are in the Blogging, SEO, Social Media or Marketing niches should submit to.  They also have a category for tech and personal development but these are much fewer and underdeveloped.


WordPress Junkies


WordPress Junkies is a newer directory and specific for those who write articles about WordPress but it has support from some of my favorite bloggers and it has some potential.  No need to wait around to start submitting WordPress related articles whether it be about installation, configuration, SEO or plugin reviews.


Design Float


Design Float is all about web design and if you write articles about anything from HTML customizations to CSS design or creating banners/images for sites then this is a directory you should be submitting to.  It is a very specific niche so only articles that match design, imagery should be submitted here though some photography related articles may meet the criteria as well.


Blog Interact


Blog Interact is growing rapidly and is another one like Blog Engage that is open to a much wider range of categories and blog types.  It is a good time to get articles submitted as it doesn’t take many votes to reach the homepage and you can clearly get your articles seen and start building backlinks quickly.

In summary, these are some of the blog submission directories I suggest you use in addition to the big ones like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Mixx…etc.  These directories have more of a community feel than the giant sites and can help you find some great articles and other bloggers to network with.

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