The genius of re-creating

How you can learn from current cinematic strategies

If you have ever attended any kind of work seminar or any type of motivational session, then you have probably heard the saying “don’t re-invent the wheel”. This is definitively true for most cases. Movies which were done in prior eras are being regurgitated to the public with a shiny new look. The story is the same, the characters are the same but the visuals have been reconditioned to the current trends. This strategy is nothing new. But why should you care? Here are a few ways that you can use this strategies to boost your website views, drive up your ecommerce sales, get more people to download your game, etc.

First, understand the current market

Comparing the past market to the current market in any sector will show you that there has been a paradigm shift from 2D to 3D. We love it and thrive off of it. Technology advances have played a big role in this addiction to 3D models and characters. While in the 80s we had Atari, Nintendo, and Sega, now days we have smartphones, computers, PS4, WiiU, and Xbox for gaming. Televisions have evolved from the bulky bulb based devices to HD, UHD, and LED screens. The result is the ability and the demand to have hype realistic presentations.

Regardless of what your project is, you should have an understanding that presenting 3D elements which are very detailed driven is essential. Yes, you can use images, but there is just something about the 3D that pulls people in. Should you use 2D or photography, consider using drop shadows, animations, or other trending presentation techniques to re-create how it is precieved.

You do not have to come-up with something entirely new

Popularity today is not necessarily based upon uniqueness of content. One has only to look at the Disney franchise to see how re-creation of old content is raking in a ton of money. The company for the past few years has been taking their older 2D animations, giving them a dose of character 3D models, and re-distributing the content. They have Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Cars3, the Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon, and The Avengers. And this is the tip of the iceberg. I would not be surprised to see all of the old classics remade. Why? Because we love that hyperrealism.

Take a lesson from this strategy. If you have an old game which you are trying to vamp up, add some 3D characters to the game, make your interiors realistic, and focus on the lighting. Businesses which are selling services should stay clear from using the static images and use 3D virtual assistants. Even if you have just a blog, consider the background of the page. Use something which has that WOW factor. You do not have to create new content, just present it in a new way. Now, just to be clear, there is a difference between re-creating and using someone’s content for your own purposes. Don’t copyright infringe. Use content which you have a right to use.

Re-create for the digital world

The number one rule for anyone looking to be successful is to have content which is digitally marketable. We live in a digital world, and so those which wish to be seen as well as heard must have content which caters to the digital devices which are available. Amazon, Apple, and Google play are some of the prime providers for such content, and so knowing their regulations on how to distribute is important. Again, you do not need to remake your sites, games, and such, just format it to meet the needs of the market. Walmart, when they decided to start VUDU did not create each movie offered from scratch, but rather just re-created the format for the movie for digital streaming. In the same way, those which have seen a drop in their target audiences should evaluate their presence on digital sources. Apps, ecommerce stores, blogs, social media, online videos, online book distributions, chatting, etc. are all a part of this. Pick an avenue which best fits your overall purpose and goals and use it. You cannot stay with the traditional non-digital forms of marketing and communications, you must re-create your marketing for the digital world.

What is the point?

The point is this. Smart creators, bloggers, and businessmen, do not recreate the wheel, but they do re-create. They evolve for the times and the markets using what they already have available, presenting it to the masses packaged in a format which is in demand, and reap the benefits. So before you go and toss that “failed” project take another look. It could be that you have a gem sitting there that just needs a little polishing up with modern technology, some 3D aesthetics, and carefully formulated content.

Tom Parillo

Tom Parillo

I am interested in all things technology, especially automation, robotics and tech that helps change how society will live in the future.
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