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Once upon a time, there was a social networking called Twitter. Twitter loves KISS-ing (Keeping It Short and Sweet), and everyone who participated in conversations on Twitter had to do so in only 140 characters or less.

Then, it decided that visuals speak louder than words, and so it created Vine. With Vine, participants in conversations can now take 6-second videos on their mobile devices (think smartphones and tablets) and post them on Twitter. All of Twitterverse rejoiced and happily took to the trend of taking brief but fun Vine clips, but still, they wanted more…

Did these Vine users live happily ever after? That depends on whether or not they’re happy with the current Vine service. For those who desire alternatives, check out these social apps that are the best alternatives to Vine:

1. Instagram Video

Sometime earlier this year, Instagram surprised everyone by releasing the Instagram Video feature that allows users to capture short 6-second videos and share them on Instagram. 13 filters are also given so that users can spruce up their videos and invoke the mood they want.

Recently, Instagram unveiled Instagram Direct, the private messaging system that everyone has been waiting for. With the launch of this long-awaited feature, users can now start private conversations and share photos as well as videos with one another.

Sharing photos and micro videos is easy: all you’ll need to do is to initiate sharing and choose to share with Followers or Direct. Selecting the latter will allow you to select the person you want to share it with. You can even select more than one contact out of your list and start a private group messaging thread.

2. Viddy

Viddy works just like Vine, except that it allows users to capture clips amounting to not more than 30-seconds each. You can shoot and upload a video in real time, OR you can “cheat” by uploading an existing video in your library. Also, you get 16 filters to apply to your videos (3 more, compared to Instagram’s 13), instantly making it cooler than the next person’s. Oh and you get the option of embedding the completed video into your email or text messages and sending them directly to any particular person.

  • One-click sharing to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr along with hashtag suggestions
  • Engage – see what your friends are up to and see all posted videos via the Home feed, then liking and commenting on any one you want
  • Discover – check out trending videos from celebrities and web personalities you follow regularly

3. Keek

Another social video app that’s making waves is Keek. With over 60 million users to its name, Keek is fast catching up with big players like Vine and Instagram Video. One thing that people love about Keek is that it ups the ante by allowing users to post videos up to 36 seconds in length.

Not interested in sharing your story just yet? You can customize your stream and watch your friends’ videos while sending “Keekbacks” (think of it as Keek’s version of Facebook’s Like) and comments their way. You can also tap on the Latest Keeks and Most Viewed tabs to see other people’s videos if you’re bored or just want some inspiration to capture your footage.

4. Klip

What Klip lacks in filters (the app only offers 11 while Instagram Video offers 13 and Viddy offers 16), it makes up for it in the length of video users are allowed to capture and share. Like the rest, you can record your own clip or select from pre-existing ones in your Camera Roll where you can then create slideshows according to the speed you desire. Add in accompanying music and you’re good to go!

Klip lets you share your creations with your Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube friends as well as give the option of sending over private videos via email or text messaging.

5. Mobli

Want to tell a story that you otherwise can’t when given the limit of 6 seconds to do so? Then switch over to Mobli and use the app to record unlimited length videos.

One thing that impresses me is that Mobli will NEVER crop your photos. Unlike Instagram, Mobli allows you to share photos exactly the way it appears when you took it.

Users are also free to use the location and event-based photo filters to get to know people around you. For example, if there’s a party nearby and you’d like to see who has posted photos or videos of it, you can run a quick search and the location-based algorithm will turn up accurate results!

6. iSupr8

Want to time travel to the past and bring back videos you never knew you could? This app allows you to do exactly just that, and more. The iSupr8 app is the perfect app for retro lovers, lending a nostalgic air complete with dirt, dust and grain filters that will turn your DIY movies into a stunning retro masterpiece. In fact, you didn’t realize it already, the name of the app was inspired from Kodak’s 1960’s camera film stock.

To make your vids truly authentic-looking and convincing, you can tap into the various options to shoot at 12, 18 or 24 fps (frame per second) and your “newly old” videos amongst friends or the iSupr8 community.

7. Echograph

Now here’s an app that’s truly amazing – you can create videos out of still photos! Let your creativity run wild as you select a still photo or a favorite frame from your video, touch on it to ‘paint” over a part you want to animate, and the app magically sprinkles action onto the area you selected! The result is nothing short of wonderful, which means you can take still photos of a waterfall, for example, and let the app animate the falling waters to create a completely convincing effect!

The process is a no-brainer:

Step 1: Select the video you want to create an Echograph from

Step 2: Trim it to five seconds or less

Step 3: Choose a still frame as the ideal backdrop to your Echograph

Step 4: Adjust the brush size and “paint” over the area you want to animate

Step 5: Export and receive praise for your masterpiece!

BONUS: Want to post longer, “meatier” videos? Check out these alternatives:

1. Animoto (iOS | Android)

This handy app does a whole lot more than lets you post and share short videos online. You can create beautiful, custom slideshows that contain your photos, videos and animated imagery, along with inspiring tracks and captions to accompany your heartfelt memories. Businesses are not left out too – Animoto lets them to wow their audience with custom-branded viral videos. And let’s not forget about photographers who want to show off their masterpieces as this powerful app allows them to showcase their portfolio in a charming manner.

For personal users, the Lite package is free and you typically get to post videos not more than 30 seconds, a far cry from only being allowed to capture and share 6-second videos on Vine or Instagram Video (but perhaps there IS charm in sharing super-short videos, eh?). The pricing increases if you want to shoot and share videos in HD quality or tap into a library of 2,000 audio tracks, among other benefits.

2. Magisto (iOS | Android)

“Make a movie, tell a story” — the premise seems simple enough, but the app lets users do so much more than tell a story. Unlike other apps, Magisto comes equipped with an A.I. called Emotion Sense that seems to know just what sort of emotional response that would best suit your footage. From in-depth analysis to intuitive algorithms, the tech behind Magisto is so much more amazing than what you’ll ever imagine, and yet using it is so simple and effortless.

The one thing that impresses me is that Magisto applies the right mood and tempo according to your chosen track that accompanies the video you create.

With this app, just about anyone can uncover the inner workings of intelligent photo editing and make their own beautiful movies to share with the world.

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