Get Your Official Google Buzz Submit Buttons

No more having to use custom static images for your Google Buzz social buttons, the official Google Buzz buttons are now available on the Google Buzz Website. I myself like buttons that show how many times an article has been submitted and have replaced the generic Google Buzz submit button with the official counter one on all of my blogs already.

Google Buzz also changed to now show the most recent comment at both the top and bottom of email updates from Google Buzz, though they should have the URL to your Buzz be a hyperlink so you can easily follow it to respond to Buzz comments.

I don’t have more than 50 something followers on Google Buzz but do see a fairly good response to my articles posted on Google Buzz which shows that the service is becoming more popular. I find it hard enough to keep up with Twitter and Facebook and feel that trying to keep on top of Buzz in addition is going to cost me more efficiency at blogging.

How has your experience with Google Buzz been for promoting your blog articles? Do you get comments from people on Google Buzz?

-Dragon Blogger

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