Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 5 Motherboard Review

Aorus Software:

The Aorus boards come with a central app called App Center. This is where you’ll find all the board specific software/utilities that you can download individual from the motherboard’s support section.

That is what you’ll see once you launch the App Center. All the motherboard related applications that you chose to install will be present here. Also, at the top, there’s also a tab for Windows settings and Third Part software. I’m going to skip the windows setting and third-party software, but let’s see what motherboard specific software we got for this motherboard. I have the full suite installed.

First, we have the 3D OSD which is an on-screen display application. It lets you see different system information on your screen.

Then we @BIOS. In simple terms, this is just like EZFlash bios utility. It lets you update your bios from windows.

Then we have AutoGreen. This applications automatically connects your computer with devices that have Bluetooth and are check marked here.

Then we have Bios Setup. This lets you customize some of the BIOS options and also show information like model name bios version and date.

Next up we have Color Temperature. This lets you adjust the blue ray strength on your monitor.

Next, we have USB Blocker, pretty much self-explanatory.

We have also an Auros Cloud station.

This is one of the most important and interesting application in the App Center, the EasyTune. It lets you overclock your CPU and RAM and adjust the voltage on the go. But I like to avoid overclocking my system when I’m on windows with multiple active windows and user application files. So it’s always safer to OC your CPU or RAM from BIOS.

There’s a dedicated application to enable or disable fast boot.

We also have a game booster application, which disables unnecessary applications when you’re playing games.

We also have a dedicated power management application.

Another interesting and important software, the RGB Fusion which lets you customize RGB LEDs on your motherboard and connect strips. There’s some default presets you can play around with. You can apply different effects to different RGB spots from the advanced tab. And there’s also an Intelligent tab, from where you can sync the LED effects to system information like CPU GPU temperature and more.

Another interesting set of application, the SIV or system information viewer. This lets you view the system information and also holds the Smart Fan 5 applications which lets you control the speed of fans in your system. There’s also a system alert tab which you can set safe parameters and you’ll get a warning if something is off. And you can also record some system specific data for long periods here.

Then we have a smart backup application.

Then we have a Smart TimeLock application which acts more like a parental control application.

Then we have the Smart HUD which I couldn’t figure out what it did.

Another interesting application by Aorus. If you don’t own a keyboard that has macros, you can still create and assign macros to specific keys from this software. But this only works for the same system as the macros are stored on windows rather than on the keyboard directly.

One more interesting feature of Aorus board that you don’t see anywhere else yet (or as far as I know). The USB DAC-UP 2 application lets you increase the voltage of the two yellow ports on the rear by 0.3V. This enables devices with long USB wires to function properly, which otherwise lose functionality or work properly after 1.8-2 meter of wire length. This is also true for both front USB 3.0 ports.

And last but not least, we have the V-Tuner applications. This lets you play with the GPU settings.

Ahmed Kazim

Ahmed Kazim

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