Google Finally Attacks iPhone with Nexus One

So Google announces and releases the Nexus One phone which runs the latest version of Android operating system. This phone is available for purchase at right now and comes with T-Mobile as the carrier, but Google plans to have the phone available on Verizon, and Vodafone soon. You can also buy the phone not tied to a carrier so I presume this will make it be usable with other carriers as well.

The Nexus One boasts an 800×480 pixel resolution display, a 5 megapixel camera, video capture at 720 x 480 and 512MB of RAM and 512MB of flash and a 4GB Micro SD card expandable to 32GB. This phone packs some serious punch, with GPS features that allow you to tag photos with location as you take them.

The most interesting feature of this phone is the dictation options, you can speak and dictate emails, twitter or facebook messages to the phone and the phone will write your messages and send them for you. I hated having to type keys manually on a phone, it took forever to blog on my mobile devices and the thought of being able to just speak what I want to say and the phone to write it down in an email for me is extremely enticing.

Since I have Verizon myself and iPhone was never in my cards, this is the most interesting phone and most likely phone that I will try in the upcoming year when it launches on Verizon.

What do my readers think, will Google Nexus One dominate the mobile phone market?  Does Google have what it takes to take a bite out of Apple?

-Dragon Blogger

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