Great Methods To Create Backlinks for Your Blog or Website

Thanks to a twitter tweet yesterday I found the article How to Create Amazing Backlinks posted on Wordstream by Ken Lyons.

This article provides in depth analysis on how to search and compare backlinks from sites in similar target markets and keywords, learn where they are backlinking to and trying to get your own sites additional backlinks. The post talks about using the SEO for Firefox plugin to assist you with your hunt for tracing backlinks and eventually leading to you promoting your site/content to get additional backlinks.

This is a fantastic method to combine with leaving blog comments on blogs, forums and other sites and combining both methods of leaving breadcrumbs or getting direct links can help increase both your PageRank and Google Search engine results.

I highly recommend you read the article above, I am specifically not pointing out to much content from it because I want my readers to read it. It sells nothing and just has some great steps you could follow to help promote your site. Remember when requesting links on other sites to leverage “keywords” as the link instead of just the site name itself. If you want to place better in Google Search Engines you need to have your “keywords” that you want to try and capitalize on be your site link.

-Dragon Blogger

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