Guest Bloggers are Welcome on is open to guest bloggers who want to share their blogging voice and style and try to reach a greater audience and get some notice. I am accepting bloggers who are looking to contribute regularly (I will create you a wordpress account) or if you want to do a one time guest post only you can just use the contact form here and let me know you want to submit a single guest post.

Contributing to will help get your articles and blogging identity noticed and this site now receives almost 1,000 unique visits per day on average and is among the top 15k Alexa ranked blogs in the US. You also get to have a backlink or two to your own site which will share my SEO juice.

I will visit all bloggers who request and make sure your blog is a quality blog, I don’t want people guest posting just to promote an affiliate sale site or company website, I am looking for contributors who run quality bloggers, bloggers who are looking to reach a wider audience.

I will not accept guest posts that try to sell affiliate products, blatantly promote your own site or what I deem “non-beneficial” to my readers.

I am primarily looking for more Technology and gadget contributors, but will accept articles about anything Internet, Social Media, Blogging, and Entertainment related (Video Game, Movie or TV Show reviews).

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