Do Guest Posts Backfire for Advertisers?

I have always allowed guest posts on and as long as contributors submit quality articles that my readers will find either informative, educational or entertaining they may have a place if they cover the right focus area’s.  Typically when a writer or blogger contacts me requesting to submit a guest article I let them know what topics I think would be a good fit based on what articles I have queued and what emerging news in the Technology and Gaming world may be of interest.

I also leverage services like My Blog Guest to occasionally host articles when I am on vacation or don’t have enough articles to cover some days.  Most of my articles are written by myself or my writers here on, but on any given month there may be 5 or 6 guest articles published.

However, many advertisers have been hiring or paying others to embed their company links as author bio links on blogs and Google is getting wise. The old days of selling links on homepages, or randomly on pages has turned into full written articles with a credit to advertiser either in the author bio or carefully crafted into the article itself.

This article closely ties into my article about Guest Posting Violating Google Terms of Service which looks into the practice of writing guest posts to get backlinks for a company or advertiser or even your own site and whether or not it violates terms even if the blogger has not been compensated at all.

Within the past 30-60 days I have been receiving more than 1 request per week that comes in a fashion similar to this:

We have recently received warning from Google that they are suspicious of link trading schemes surrounding this, and we want to make sure that you are taking the necessary precautionary measures so that your site is not adversely affected.
We are requesting that you remove the link back to our site.

What this is basically saying is Google found their keyword/link on a bunch of sites either probably in unrelated niches or in what appeared to be an unnatural manner.  This means having an author bio on 20 blogs with the same site may cause this type of warning/notice to be trigger, I am not exactly sure?

I am wondering how many of my peer bloggers have run into this situation where they have  been contacted either by companies directly or previous guest posters asking to have their links removed due to potential Google penalty or flagging that has been happening?

-Dragon Blogger

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