Hi Definition YouTube Videos Start Next Week

For the first time starting this coming week you will be able to upload and watch YouTube videos in true high def 1080p format.  Previously all video uploaded in higher quality was pared down to 720p the highest resolution that YouTube was allowing at the time.  There are so many good reasons for YouTube going High Def, cleaner and crisper video’s will be available as consumer video cameras have been capable of recording in high definition for a while now.

The caveat is high def YouTube movies will consume more bandwidth and require longer upload times as the videos are much larger in size.  This could also strain ISP’s and especially mobile internet devices where they will have slower load times for High Definition video movies as a result of the increased size of the files.

Either way you should start seeing higher quality videos on YouTube and YouTube has mentioned that previously uploaded videos that were converted to 720p will automatically be available in 1080p mode which saves users from having to re-upload some of their high def video’s.

-Dragon Blogger

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