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Updated May 2011

This article was written back in August 2010, after switching to Greg’s High Performance SEO I lost 60% of my Google Search traffic for 2 months, I switched back to All in One SEO Pack and all of my traffic was restored 30 days later.  I think this plugin may have caused my traffic loss even though it would appear the META Description, Keywords and all tags looked proper.  If you are looking for an SEO plugin to use, I highly recommend you read about my WordPress SEO Plugins article to make a good determination as to what to use.



A WordPress bloggers best tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is either to have your WordPress Theme perform SEO or have a WordPress SEO plugin installed like All in One SEO Pack for WordPress.

I have been using the All in One SEO Pack for WordPress for over two years now but I have had several hosting providers mention that the RAM utilization and performance of this plugin was less than ideal.

After doing some research and browsing the WordPress plugin archives I came across a high performance SEO Plugin that not only claims to be more streamlined at less than 40% of the lines of code of the All in One SEO Pack for WordPress, but also it supports all the legacy database entries from the All in One SEO Pack which allows you to switch plugins without having to re-SEO all of your older posts.

I have installed and am testing Greg’s High Performance SEO plugin for WordPress to determine if I can get better performance with my blog not consuming as much ram when under heavy traffic load.

What I particularly like about the Greg’s High Performance SEO Plugin for WordPress is that the casual blogger can install the plugin, activate it and forget about it.  You don’t need to configure it as much as you do with the All in One SEO Pack, and although you will see the familiar extra SEO entries in your post editor that look like this:


You actually don’t need to fill in all of this data if you just leverage your WordPress tags, post title and excerpt well.

This means you don’t have to cut/paste or type in redundant information and Greg’s High Performance SEO Plugin will automatically convert your post title to <META TITLE=”%POST_TITLE%> and your <META DESCRIPTION=”Post Excerpt”> as well as  your <META KEYWORDS=”POST TAGS”> by default.

This means just simply enter your SEO chosen keywords as your WordPress post tags, and Greg’s Higher Performance SEO Plugin for WordPress will do the same.

I am in the trial phase of using Greg’s High Performance SEO Plugin for WordPress but already after just four days of using it I can write and publish posts a little faster, performance seems to be a little faster on my blog, but this could be my imagination.

One thing about this plugin is that it has over 40,000 downloads and has a near perfect 5 * rating from 14 rates.


This alone makes this a good solid recommendation for you to start using the plugin.  For now I have switched from using the All in One SEO Pack plugin to using Greg’s High Performance SEO Plugin to improve the performance of my blog and save time with writing and publishing content.

-Dragon Blogger

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